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Report a Claim

Handling you claim quickly and fairly is our priority.  If you are reporting a claim during regular business hours, please call our office at (440) 349-5700. After hours, you may report the claim directly to the company at one of the numbers listed below.


24 Hour claim reporting: 800-231-2318
Claim reporting information

Citizens Mutual Ins. Co.

24 Hour claim reporting: 800-628-0250
Online claim reporting


24 hour claims reporting:  800-445-3030/ Auto glass claims: 800-951-9734
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24 hour claims reporting:  800-628-0250
Online claims reporting

The Hartford

24 hour claims reporting:  800-243-5860
Online claims reporting

Motorist Mutual

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Online claims reporting 

Ohio Casualty Ins. Co.

24 Hour claims reporting: 866-255-5530
Claims reporting information

Philadelphia Ins. Co.

24 Hour claims reporting: 800-765-9749
Online claims reporting


24 Hour claims reporting: 800-925-2886
Online Claims Service

Seneca Insurance

24 Hour claims reporting: 212-277-3490

State Auto

24 hour claims reporting: 800-766-1853
Online claims reporting


24 hour claims reporting:  800 CLAIM33 (800-252-4633)
Claim Services & Information


Claim reporting: 800-987-3373 / 877-962-2567(Fax)
Online claims reporting